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Hanuman Movie is based on the devotional and Mythology-related Genre. The movie shows Lord Hanuman’s ultimate experience and blessings for people. The VFX, Editing, and graphics took the movie to the next level.

Hanuman Telugu Movie (2024) information:

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Hanuman Movie Storyline:

The movie story comes with a Character named Hanumanthu (Teja Sajja) who lives in a place called Anjanadhri, and he is a thief. He also has a sister named Anjamma, who looks after her brother during his bad times. The leading female actor (heroine) Meenakshi also lives in the same place Anjanadhri. Hanumanthu fell in love with Meenakshi.

Deepak Shetty acted as Gajapathi in the Hanuman Movie. The Meenakshi always opposes Gajapathi’s dictatorship. One day Gajapathi did a false bandit attack on the village, and Meenakshi tried to oppose this decision. After this Gajapthi attacks with bandits on the Meenakshi by seeing this Hanumanthu saves her from the attack. During this attack, he will fall into the sea and find the GemStone with which he will acquire powers.

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Hanuman Movie Budget:

The Movie was made on a Budget of 20 Crore Indian Rupees and this is without including the promotion cost. The movie was promoted on Social Media platforms like YouTube, and Instagram in Telugu Region. It also made some promotional events in the Hindi region with Rana Daggubati as a special guest for the Event.

Hanuman Movie Box Office Collection:

The Movie made a tremendous Box Office Collection from the start of its release. The list we have shown here is the overall collection of the movie in India.

Hanuman Box Office Collection in Crores:

Day Box Office Collection (Crore Rupees)
1 8.05
2 12.5
3 16.2
4 15.1
5 13.0
6 11.7
7 2.0

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About Hero:

In this movie, Teja Sajja acted as a leading character named Hanumanthu. During his childhood, Teja Sajja acted in many Telugu movies in the Tollywood industry. The Movie Indra made him famous as a childhood actor as he played the role of Chiranjeevi’s childhood character. His recent hit movie is Zombie Reddy.

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Rating for Hanuman Movie:

IMDB: The rating for the Movie on IMDB is around “

Rotten Tomatoes: The rating for Movie on Rotten Tomatoes is around “94 points out of 100.

Movieswood Rating: My Rating for the movie would be around 3.5/5. By considering the movie budget of 20 crore rupees, The VFX, graphics, and many more things I think the movie performed well. The storyline is good as the director is a bit new.

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OTT Release:

The Hanuman Movie 2024 OTT release date will be in the last week of February 2024. The OTT rights for this movie are sold to Zee5. So the movie will be coming on the 21st – 27th February 2024 on Zee5

About Information
Movie Name Hanuman
Movie Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Movie Release Date 12 January 2024
Movie OTT Date 21st – 27th February 2024
Movie Production Kniranjanreddy
Movie Director Prasanth Varma
Movie Languages Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi
Movie Budget 20 Crore Indian Rupees
Leading Cast
Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai, Deepak Shetty, and more others.
Movie Run Time 2h 30m
Movieswood Rating 3.5/5


FAQ of Hanuman Movie:

Q1. Is the movie a Remake?

Ans: No, the movie was original and it was directed by Prasanth Varma.

Q2. How can I watch the Hanuman Movie?

Ans: It is currently running in theatres in Hindi, Telugu, and more languages. If you want to watch on an OTT platform, then it will be available on Zee5 in the last week of February.


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